Working together typically starts with a call. I prefer Zoom, seeing each other is an important part of communication. You can schedule a meeting on the contact page


Learning about agile, the principles, and the practices, is best done in a focused set of days, with all the people involved in the development of the product. And training is more than teaching, it includes doing the things we talk about. This is why your team will build a car during the training session, bringing agile practices into full-size product development. 


Training, also hands-on, interactive training brings the principles to the attendees. Then the learning journey starts. Coaching is guiding teams on the journey, with the aim to create learning teams that have their own ways to inspect, adapt and improve their ways of working.


I can speak for your teams to introduce the concepts of industrial agile. This talk can go as broad and deep as you wish, the preparation is unique for every speaking engagement and intent to bring your products, and your challenges into the talk. Talks can include time for questions and discussions. Attendees vary from totally open for anybody in the organization, through development teams to management and leadership.