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Bringing physical products, any product, to your clients, in a shorter time, with a better match for your clients, and with fewer defects. 

I help you to do that. 


I am Hubert Smits, I’m a coach, teacher, and trainer with a focus on agile product development. I speak at conferences, and every now and then write an article and record videos.

And most of all I work with my clients, in-person, and on-site, seeing, touching, and experiencing their products and processes. Then helping them to bring products quicker into the hands of their clients. Read on when this is what you are looking for.

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You are responsible for product development and product improvement in your organization. The speed of the development process doesn’t meet the needs of your markets. Your engineers aren’t happy, maybe demotivated. And the amount of technical debt seems to be ever increasing.

Reach out and we can discuss these challenges and ways to improve the development process.

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