Certified ScrumMaster Course


This class prepares attendees to take the CSM test with the Scrum Alliance.

In this course, you will learn Scrum-by-the-book

the Core Scrum description from the Scrum Alliance and the Scrum Guide from Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, and then explore how the Scrum concepts fit in real world: in your projects, with the challenges and limitations that your organization and your customers put around a software development project.

Duration: 2 days space Prerequisite(s): None
  • Learn the concepts of Core Scrum; get ready to pass the CSM test (Hubert's students pass rate is 98%)
  • Answer your questions. Right from the beginning Hubert will focus on your challenges and questions
  • Explore technically challenging projects using Scrum
  • Discuss distributed teams and global organizations from a Scrum perspective
  • Learn about requirements management, stores and epics
  • Discuss roles not defined in Core Scrum: project and program manager, line management (dev lead, test lead), business analysts and PMO organization
  • Explore the steps to migrate a team or project from a traditional approach to the Scrum framework
  • Explore topics like people motivation, rewards and assessments

Topics Covered:

  • Agile & Scrum at 10,000 feet: agile principles and the values on the Agile Manifesto Scrum Framework overview and values discussion
  • Roles in Scrum, roles in your organization: delivery team, product owner, ScrumMaster, Scrum Team concept, other roles, stakeholders, managers
  • Product Backlog: principles of just in time detail; refinement of the backlog, when and how; user stories, format and use; Estimating the work on the backlog; Prioritizing work on the backlog; Order work for small, medium and large projects
  • Sprints: sprint planning – who, what & how; engineering practices – programming, testing, documentation; daily meetings, the Scrum and the Scrum of Scrums; done and accepted; progress – burn-down charts, quality, burn-up charts, task boards; abnormal terminations; feedback through reviews and retrospectives

Geared To:

This class is suitable for project managers, program managers and people who manage either teams or product cycles in an organization because it works from the basics of Scrum all the way to program management with Scrum.



  • Hubert Smits CSM course receives excellent PMP certified project manager feedback
  • This class is a good basis for the ACP certification.
  • You will earn 14 PDUs with this class.
  • You will receive a valuable set of support materials: background reading, articles written by Hubert Smits and other thought leaders, sample product backlog and sprint backlogs and a lot more.
  • Hubert Smits’ students pass rate is 98%.

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